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How We Met: 75 years ago, Christmas day was also their wedding day

They married on Christmas Day in 1942, and on Monday the Omahans will mark their 75th anniversary. Wayne is 95 and Mildred is 94, but they were just kids when their paths first crossed. They attended the same church and their families were friends back when they were growing up in southeast Nebraska in the 1920s and ’30s. Mildred and Wayne attended different grade schools, so it wasn’t until they started high school that they became acquainted. Mildred was a volunteer in the Hickman High School library. Wayne loved books, so she helped him find new ones to read. They were just friends for the first few years of high school, where Wayne was one year ahead. But during Wayne’s senior year, he asked her out to a movie. They clicked from the start, partly because of their similar backgrounds growing up on farms.

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